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Things I Do Everyday

On a typical day, not, say a vacation or camping or work/school day.

Take my Energy Gummies and my Women’s Gummy vitamins.


Skip breakfast and then eat breakfast foods at an inappropriate time such as 2:00 pm and/or 11:00 pm.


Scroll through Zillow looking at homes that I want to buy one day.

Spend way too much time on the desktop version of Google Earth.

Read articles, usually on Digg.

Wish Trump was not the president which then leads to stressing over healthcare, taxes, equality, climate change, and a whole host of other issues.

Internet spiral into one of the above issues and get sadder.

Budget my dollars on YNAB and check the reports section to feel proud of myself for saving like $10 this week.

Cuddle, snuggle, love on, my girls.

Wish Butternuts still loved me. He seems to have developed an irritation with me since I got back from Iceland. As in, he thinks I abandoned him and now wants nothing to do with me ever which makes me want to cry a little bit. Who am I kidding? A lot!! I miss my Butternut’s lovins!!

Tuck my children in bed with special sayings we have.

Brush my teeth.

Watch whatever random television happens to be on in the 30 minutes to an hour of “quiet time” I have before I am too sleepy to stay in a non-horizontal position.

Read. Current book, which I have already read twice (it’s been a few years!) is the book “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer, my most favorite author.

Attempt sleep.