I am a 33 year old mother of two girls & four creatures–Caro (oldest girl child), Izzy (youngest girl child), Sasake (dog), Butternuts aka Nutterbutts (cat), Kitten (satan/cat), & Scratchy aka LizardMan (bearded dragon).

I have a background in Geology, Real Estate, Emergency Medicine, & some other entirely unrelated things such as small business owner & white water raft guide. Weird, I know.

I also spend way too much time on the internet & might as well make something useful* during my summer off. Maybe I’ll discover that all my crazy shit isn’t actually that crazy & that other semi-normal humans have had similar experiences. Maybe not, & instead I’ll actually discover my whole life is bat-shit nuts. Who knows!

So, if I had to condense myself, & the content of this site down to a few words, those words would likely include humor, nature, geology, adventure travel, depression/anxiety, political frustration, being a CP mom, hula hoops, science!, & family. A few does mean 10, right?

Basically this is my personal life. The things I would write about in my journal if I were 15 again. 🙂

*useful is entirely subjective & this could totally suck! you’ve been warned.

FYI, there will be cursing & bitching (see?) from time to time.


(All photos taken by me & you should ask nicely & give proper credit if you would like to use one. Cause that’s what good people do.)