Way Over Yonder

We are planning a move. Across the country. It’s a 24 hour drive across the country to be exact. If you have ever done that before then I give you mad respect. I’ve moved before, like 27 times actually. I’ve even moved halfway across the country, but..BUT, I have never attempted a move like this with children, a partner, and four pets. I am responsible for getting myself and seven other living breathing beings across the country with all of our items (and brains) intact.

I am 33 and a homeowner which also makes this move a tad more involved than all those moves I made at, say, 21 years old. I have things now, and oh boy, there’re a lot of things. Four bedrooms worth plus the garage of a wood worker (that means he has a shit-ton of tools) plus gymnastics equipment, kayaks, bicycles and so on. It’s ridiculous and anxiety inducing just to think about the logistics of it all. For the past 6 months or so we have been culling the things into piles for a garage sale. We now have a walk-in closet and an entire portion of the garage cordoned off for these garage sale items. The thing is though, we can’t really have the sale until we know what house we will purchase in the new state. Why, you ask? Well because I don’t yet know what furniture will be making the move or will be added to those sale piles until I know the house and what will work in it. We also want to keep this as cheap as possible since a good portion of our savings will be going towards the new home, which means we’ll likely be doing all of the packing, loading, driving, etc. ourselves.

I’m making lists on the daily to help keep everything coordinated in my mind that will need to be done in order for this move to be successful. I know there will be bumps and I know there will be melt-downs, probably even a few of my own, but I want to make this as smooth as possible, so if you have any tips from when you moved cross-country with a family and pets, I’d loooove to hear them!

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